Why Does My Dog Shred Toys

Have you ever bought your dog a new toy and within 5 minutes that toy is laying there on the floor shredded into pieces, flat, it’s stuffing all pulled out, and it’s squeaker destroyed with teeth marks piercing it? Your dog sitting proudly beside it and looking up at you as if to say, was … Read more

Cure Dog Of Fearing Thunder

Our dogs are part of our family and it is heartbreaking to watch as a dog goes into a panic attack because of a thunderstorm, fireworks going off, or other loud noises such as a gun being fired. This fear is a common form of anxiety for dogs. I have also had a dog with … Read more

How To Calm Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Dog looking for owner

When you have a four-legged fur baby, nothing feels worse than coming home and having to clean up a disaster that your dog has left for you. Maybe he chewed up your favorite sweater, tore apart your couch, used the bathroom on the floor or maybe the neighbor complained that your dog barked or whined … Read more

About Me, Bonnie

Hi! I am Bonnie founder of Doggie Destruction. I have found out that every dog is different and each have their unique personality and traits. Some even have that habit of destroying almost everything. I have learned a lot, and ultimately I have found that dogs and their behaviors can be changed with a little … Read more